L.A. PET NANNY SERVICE - 24 Hour care services for all types of pets
Menu of Services

Pet Care Visits
 $20  Cat care visit  (feed, water, litter change)
 $30  Dog care visit (feed, water, potty walk)
 Multiple dogs, add $5 per dog

Dog Walking Services:  
 $25   30 minute walk
 $40   60 minute walk
 $50   45 minute trail hike
 $50   60 minute dog park
 Multiple dogs, add $5 per dog

Medication Injections:
 $2 per injection

Custom Meal Preparation:
$35 plus cost of ingredients

Natural Energy:
$50 per session

Overnight Sitting Service
 $100 per day  (base rate)

Hourly Pet Sitting Services:
 $30   One hour
 $50   Two hours
 $60   Three hours
 $65   Four hours
 $70   Five hours
 $80   Six hours
 $90   Seven hours
 $100 Eight or more hours

Pet Transport Service:  to vet, groomer, etc..
 $30   Roundtrip within 5 miles
 $40   Roundtrip 5-10 miles
 $50   Roundtrip 10-15 miles

Holiday Service:
 L.A. Pet Nanny Service is available for your convenience 365 days of the year.
 Premium service rates apply on all national (bank) Holidays

Cancellation PoliciesClients are responsible for contacting L.A. Pet Nanny Service to cancel any service that has been booked to avoid being charged for time held in reservation or for scheduled services.

 Daily Services cancellation policy:  (walks, feeding visits, etc...) 
   - Can be canceled without any payment due with 24 hour advance notice. 
   - Will be billed at full service rate if canceled same day of reserved service.
Overnight Pet Sitting Cancelation Policy:  Please read
  *     Bookings can be canceled without any payment due when booked within 2 months of reservation  start date and  also canceled with at least 2 weeks advanced notice.
  **   Bookings will be billed at 50% of total reservation if reservation is held more than 2 months and is    canceled within 3 weeks of reservation start date.
  *** Bookings will be billed at FULL Total of reservation if it is held 2 months or longer and canceled    within 1 week of reservation start date. 

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