L.A. PET NANNY SERVICE - 24 Hour care services for all types of pets
Welcome to L.A. Pet Nanny Service

"Animals have been aJoy for me since I was a little girl. I consider myself privileged to work with them. Pets are the greatest gift."   

   ~ Catherine Inglese

"Catherine is the very best!"
  ~ Dr. Mary Ensign

Friendly     Trained     Trusted
Catherine is the sole pet care provider at L.A. Pet Nanny service so you always know who shows up for your pet. She has 35+ years experience as a pet owner of dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, as well Animal Behavior College training.

Catherine is also certified in Pet Safety and First Aid from the American Red Cross, an active ASPCA member, and a shelter volunteer for L.A. Animal Services. 

L.A. Pet Nanny Service delivers peace of mind to your doorstep
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